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  • Grease Monkey

       This is an animation I created traditionally, using a light table, while attending the Art Institute of Phoenix.  Providing the voice for Timothy Michael is my husband, Brett Kahn.  When recording, I explained the scene and characters to him, then gave him creative freedom to play with the line.  The results were quite entertaining!  I even recorded him visually while he spoke into the mic, then used the footage as reference when deciding how to animate the character.  After completing the animation, I scanned the images and imported them into Adobe After Effects to edit everything together.


  • Red: City Walk

       Here's a happy walk cycle with the background added and Red the circus bear interacting with the scene. The animation was done traditionally, with a light table, colored in Photoshop and then edited together in After Effects.

  • Creepy Spider

       Using the "pjl Hogan" rig from mothermushroom, I modeled a background and animated the character in Maya.  I then edited it together in After Effects.  As reference, I recorded myself in my backyard, acting out the scene.

  • Crazy

       "Crazy?! I was crazy once!" We used to say this all the time when we were kids. Kind of like the song that never ends, it's an awesome way to have some fun annoying the pants off of Mom and Dad during a long road trip! ;) This is the first 3D animated lip sync I've ever done. I had a lot of fun doing it! I modeled the background, but the character is the "eleven" rig from 11secondclub. I animated the scene in Maya, then rendered the images as jpgs, which I imported into After Effects with the audio track to edit all together.

  • Spek

       This is an original character that I created using vacuum cleaner parts as reference. I created him in my Character Design class at the Art Institute of Colorado, then decided to model him in 3D after transferring to the Art Institute of Phoenix. I modeled, textured, rigged and animated him all in Maya.

  • Squit

       Meet Squit, the shoulder demon!  I created this character for an original story that my husband and I are currently working on.  Standing at four inches tall, this guy has it pretty rough!  Still, what he lacks in size, he makes up for by force of will, intelligent application of demon bylaws, and a tireless dedication to his job... at least that's what he tells himself.


       The 3D model was created in Maya, painted using Photoshop and then rendered with a moving camera.  The rendered images were then imported into After Effects and edited together.


  • Snowy Sniper

       This traditionally animated clip was colored in Photoshop and edited together in After Effects. I did the voice acting myself, but changed the audio to try to make the voice sound more young... though it may have turned just a little chipmunk. Nevertheless, I think it turned out quite well!

       I planned for the scene to be longer, actually showing the sneaky little boy in the trees doing his victory dance. Yet, due to a time crunch, I had to shave off the beginning and the end of the scene. While the product is a short clip, I think the entertainment value still got through. This one certainly got a lot of laughs in my Digital Ink and Paint class!

  • Lily

       Meet Lily, the shoulder angel!  I created this character for an original story that my husband and I are currently working on.  At first glance, you may think that she's a sweet little flower, but this girl has one fiery attitude!

       The 3D model was created in Maya and rendered with a moving camera.  The rendered images were then imported into After Effects and edited together.

  • Shadow Lukin

       The Shadow Lukin is actually an original character that I first saw in a dream... or rather, a nightmare.

       Some time after I had this dream, I had a Character Design class at the Art Institute of Colorado.  Our first assignment, being close to Halloween 2011, was to create some kind of creepy goblin, ghoul, monster, etc.  The shadow dog in my dream returned to my thoughts and I decided to take on the challenge of bringing him into our world.

       Later, in 2013, at The Art Institute of Phoenix, I decided to take the character further, turning him into a 3D model, using Maya.  I plan to continue even further, adding more details to the face, fur effects, then rigging, skinning and eventually...


        bring The Shadow Lukin to life!

  • Demo Reel

       This is a compilation of some of my best work.  I really enjoy editing footage to music, so I had some fun working on this reel.  It wasn't exactly a piece of cake, however.  A number of projects found their way in and out of the many different rendered versions.  The music was changed multiple times, starting with a rockin' industrial theme, then to a telling of an epic story before finally shifting gears to a more carefree, strolling down the street on a sunny day kinda feel.  After everything, I have to say I'm really pleased with the end result.

copyright 2013 Melodie Kahn